Saturday, 6 October 2007

Research in beginning. My synaesthesia

Hello. Welcome to My synaesthesia.
What is synaesthesia?
can you taste something different to what is said?
see things to tastes and smells?
see colours to sounds?

I have researched into KANDINSKY. He is proberbly the most WELL KNOWN artist eho had Synaesthesia. Here is one place you can have a peek. , , people with synaesthesia

My synaesthesia is sight and sound. When i hear sounds, I see colours to them.

Voices are greens and sometimes i see a slight tinge of purple in female voices.

string instroments vairy from Reds to purples and lilacs, even an ocasional indigo shade in there.

Pianos are peachy colours and pinky colours.

Drums are offwhites heading into yellows usualy or a grey colour.

Symbols are splats of yellowsand oranges

But for some reason.. Brass instroments come out as brown and horrible green colours, even a sax. It is the reason i refuse to listen to it.

This blog is hopefully going to help you understand and see what i see when music is playing. Weather you do understand will always be a different question. But it will be nice to see someone elses point of view.

Thank you for reading.