Tuesday, 25 January 2011

damn computers

the joys of not having much in the ways of software at the moment.... I WANT MY ADOBE. i cant put anything on my blogs till its sussed.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

so much for an art blog.....

yeah, I have in the last couple of weeks found out who is relief manager at work when the boss is away in two weeks..... ME!! Somehow, I have made a good impression and the boss is rewarding me further by training me up on the managment front alittle more than last time we spoke.... and when bossman gets back, I will be locking up a couple of nights a week by the sounds of it. a step closer to my own pub..(rubs hands together in excitment). so mum, if your reading.... thats why i havnt had the chance t call or pop up, sleeping when not working/ training..... its 1am now, just scoffing my face before bed. NIGHT

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

tap on the wrist and telling me there's no need for it.

Its been mad here. Im in a flat with my partner, a few misshaps since i last typed.
We have found damp. We've argued.. Kissed and made up... waiting to move. not having fun trying to get rid of as much damp in the flat as possible (attempting a night off)... The fun part is. Richard and i went to visit Mum, Tony and Nana. Along with them was a cheeky little Lala (lauren) (check mum's latest blog for photographic evidence) ive dyed my hair what was supposed to be blue, It went too dark. didn't even leave my hair in the dye for near as long as it should have. its black.. (laughs) looks ok I guess.

Other than that.. IVE BEEN PROMOTED AT WORK. I am now supervisor. and have managers keys to the tills and having fun training for managment.

Im sorry i Havnt any photographs uploaded to show you the damp or the fun my partner and myself have had these last couple of months... im sure i'll get round to it soon.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A doodle a day keeps my sanity at bay....??

(Excuse this being chaotic... I’m a little rusty at writing briefs)
Maybe it is time to try and doodle a bit more and experiment a lot more..... So here I am on Google images yet again trying to pick out images that stand out to me that I feel appealing and know I might just find interesting. (It is rare for me to find something to show for my research).
So do I Doodle? Yes I do... most of my work is based on Henna and Celtic designs there is occasionally a hint of Mouri moko in there too... but that’s a rare note recently a lot of my work is floral. And very contemporary on the tribal side mingled into a strange look... very floral but not, if you know what I am trying to say. Some people detect sea animals (octopus last time) and elements of femininity as well as a few people turning round and demanding a tattoo based on these scribbles, aka, mind wanderings whilst nothing better is happening.

Right.... so we have floral, we have Tribal ... what else....
Colour.... I am usually a monochrome doodler but have been known to venture into my watercolours even more so when I have had a few to drink..... or into my pencil tin. I have a tin overflowing with wax crayons as well as watercolour pencils and crayola. (sometimes the kiddie stuff is just as good as the adult stuff).
What materials to work on? Anything. Well paper and card mostly whatever ends up in the book. From wrapping paper to wall paper, lined paper to envelopes. Anything.
Result Hypothesis. My sanity on paper.. the changing moods and thoughts of my world... the highs and lows of love life work life home life....
Some days I have trouble finding inspiration. Infact recently, since i moved into my new flat with my Partner, I am having trouble picking up a pen some days.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

busy bee

I know, Ive been working overtime bigstyle with the boss having time off and only 2 of us able to fill in both our hours aswell as the boss's. We have been run off our feet. that aswell as the rush of having to pack to move again.

Yes AGAIN... The thought is spinning in my head. Luckily Boop Richard is letting me move in with him whilst we look for a bigger space. I don't really want to move back in with family, I fear i will lose my indipendance.

The chaos known as my place i live in is even more chaos than organisation.. trying to part with things so i can fit into richard's home. Proving difficult...

Hopefully we have a flat viewing tomorrow or thursday. A 1 bedroom place Town center around the corner from both of our work places. Still on bus routs to see family too (can't forget that bit). anyways... i should really pack just that little bit more before i go to bed. I have to the 25th but knowing me, if i Dont get started now I won't get anywhere.


Boop for letting me move in with him whilst we look for bigger places.
Local paper adverts.
Slightly bigger pay packets and a few more hours at work to keep my mind off things...

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A spark of inspiration

I had a short nap at Boop Richards after work today... He is on the dreaded nightshifts still... and so my body clock is as mad as his at the moment. Mostly just wanting to be together. Best time to be together is when asleep. I do miss him alot when he is on the nightshift.

Thinking of old Art projects. well doesnt help when dreams of painting. Especialy big pieces.

Yes, back to the painting.... Koi carp are back in a personal style.... and as always Working small will be on the list of things to do. (I work better smalllllllll)....

soon as i got home i got engrosed in my water colours and small bits of paper... painting in bits.....

The first fish was brought together within about a half hour at a guess... by this time it must have been around 11 pm.... I didnt look at the clock again till the last photo was taken....

Second fish under way.... bringing in the colour alittle stronger in the oranges.

And where i am so far.... Fish number Three.... by the time this picture was taken it weas nearly 2 45... still not feeling tired.... (see what i mean by body clock is all over the place..?)

Should i add any more???
Should i do a surface with dragon flies and lotus flower???


My boop letting me have a kip at his.

Land lady's little boy in bed way way before i get home

Watercolour Paint and a lovly collection of sized paintbrushes

Land lady putting Planet rock radio on the tv

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentines... a day devoted to love...

I knew my boop, Richard was up to somthing.....
"give me a call when you finnish work tonight.." he says on saturday, obviously knowing i don't finnish till after midnight.

I finnished at 12:10 am on the 14th.. it takes me roughly 15 minutes to get to richards from work.

Little Me managed to get there in 7 minutes, so caught richard off guard. Luckily His door was locked, I had rung him and he had answered before i had left work, And always call to say i am at the gate. By now i am at the back door calling him for the the 3rd time he finaly emerges at the door.

I walk into the bedroom.. ready for sleep... Candles lit, everywhere... petals all over a white bedspread, a boquet of white roses, thistle and one i cannot name looks simmilar to a zinnia.?..? (lots of petals but curls up, doesnt puff out). There is even champagne and 2 flutes waiting....

He just stood there with the cheekiest grin and the biggest brown eyes. I didnt know how to react... well i did... but lets not go into detail... also On saturday as part of valentines day (before all this) I got breakfast in bed. Though I'm sure that was to apologyse for staying out after I had said I was tired and wanted to go to bed (gave me the keys and played out till 3 am... came home with chickenburger... and woke me up so he could get in).