Monday, 23 March 2009

A close call at some detail work on water colour dragon eye.

pencil line eye.

another preview of my book

Amongst my usual mutterings and rambelings i have been known to play with bright colourd paints, a bunch of gel pens and metallic pencils. oh dear, I'm starting to sound like a mad professer.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

WALLPAPER!!!!.. i decide to go alittle mad with some wall paper in my book. the people who have seen it think it is awsom. i just think its a squiggle on a piece of wall paper.

The work station. This time at the dining room table.

A mad doodle i based on KANDINSKY ( )

along side synaesthesia

Along side My random pages and doodles of my every day life i keep a diary... Its written in code... ive played around with it to suit me. and as time goes on i add bits of envelopes doodles stickers marbling wall paper stitching and other little quirky ideas into the book. Some could say it s a Waste of time.. Some say it is a work of art. Shall we have a look?

This is before I started to experiment with the book. As i wrote i had a box full of wax crayons pencils and felts, I doodled as i wrote. as you can see some times I don't write much. and other times i write forever. Depending on my mood and how much of a creative string I am having.

Kiddies, AVERT YOUR EYES.... *giggles* just a little something I did when bord one lunch time at college having a break from my essay writing.

The Koi Karp. A sign of Good luck. It isn't the best attempt i have at these pretty fish. But like the others it has roughly 5 or 6 layers of paint just on the scales.