Wednesday, 16 September 2009

38 days till mum goes off to get MARRIED .....

..... and I havn't seen her for nearly 2 weeks. "Yes mum i still love you." But i do have a valaid excuse.

I started my new job as a barmaid (part time), and I now have a second job lined up (in a COFFEE SHOP). Saturday will be my day of truth to see if they want my services (my training day for 3 hours).

On top of that my friend has given the all clear that she and her family hahave their new home and will be moving in in the next month, that I am welcome as a lodger. "lucky you mum im moving out of yours and dads places." I am still thinking about it and do not have to make any final thoughts on it just yet.

I have taken to myself to start rumaging through my stuff, so when I do move out I am alittle more organised. Rumaging through old art folders and boxes I have kept under my bed with Pieces and memories i havn't seen for near 4 years.
Including this fantastic memory.

(far right hand side on front row. I am leaning on my class mate Tasha)

Yes, there is a story behind this picture that has now been added to my BOOK (journal/scrap/ scribble).

The first few weeks of my second year at college, our first week that we were not OUT AND ABOUT for primary research. We were in our first lesson for Graphics (computer based lessons) and we were full of mischief and the giggles.

Our tutor poped out for a few minutes and so we were set to work on a mini project to show when he got back. We were given sticky lables, orriginaly to place our names on our person so tutors could tell who was who, but we had a better idea.

We each drew a pair of lips on our stickers and carried on with our work. A small note was passed through the class once the tutor had come back "place lips. Soon as Andy talks, TURN ROUND" and sure enough, our tutuor speaks and behold, we managed to freak our tutor out!!!

He loved it that much, he piled us into the photographic studio to photograph our team work and by the next week he had the original copy blown to A3 size and on the "Messege board of insperation".


New job will be a new view on life

possibility of moving a step closer to indipendance

step mum gives me an idea for the future

MAD but very good memories that are able to be kept in a book

I LOVE MY FAMILY even if i dont show it much