Saturday, 25 July 2009

.... so what happens when im in a tidy mood...

(pictures are being sorted).Soon as i get up I manage somehow to gather my thoughts, get dressed and decide I'm going to give my room a good turf out..... "Wonder where that went...." "oh flip, not seen that in a yr and a half......" "hahaha I'M NEVER WEARING THAT AGAIN" far.... (between 10am and 5pm) I've managed to go through allllll the art and craft accumulation around and on my desk. Ive also had a good root through the wardrobe found my knitting in the bottom at the very back "hahaha still got good taste in choosing wool colour".... i still need to tackle my chest of draws... there is stuff in there i hadn't touched since mum and i moved in to this flat.... and getting rid of stuff makes me feel i can start again... well at least makes room for something better..
I'm going to steal mum's idea of gratitude... its cool... also shows the good things happening even if the rest seems like mayhem....


1) 3 cheers for mum supporting me.. and taking me for a break form the mayhem known as my room to mooch about in town. Always up for an idea hunt.
2) thank coffee... don't know where I would be without you.
3) 3 cheers for Ben for putting up with me. (4 days till he goes home to Yovil)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

not drunk but still going....

Thought I would bring you up to date......

This is a picture jus for my mate.... as a good bye present. He is leaving the rock (the isle of man) I live on for good. well when I say leave for good, I mean he will hopefully come visit Manx shores again in the future. I know he will read this. Like i know he will keep an eye on this blog as part of a thread back to the island.

HERES TO YOU BEN!!!! anyways back to showing how far ive got....

Detail is the key to my work every tiny paintbrush mark counts.


Drunken madness 2

No the green piece was not the only piece i did last night...(which was only A4 sized). I created at least 3/4 of what is there on this piece so far too...(A1 sized)

i remember taking at least 2 of the pictures... but after a while its a blur..

I remember this picture being taken too...

I don't remember taking this photograph.. but it is what i found on the back of my door this morning and on a ledge near by it my paints and paint water just itching to be picked up again..

So.. yes i took myself back to sitting behind my bedroom door to paint. in somthing other than just parissian blue. (heres the close up of how far i got.

Drunken madness.

What's better than staying home, looking after a 13 yr old brither and having a few to drink with no mum to tell you to turn your music down? (no offence mum). Especialy when you are not one to like going out much.
I know.... PAINT with a few to drink whilst dancing around bedroom looking like a mad nut to loud music because mum isnt home to tell me to "turn that racket down" whilst 13 yr old brother is happily playing on PS3 in TV room.

It started alittle like this...

It got slightly bigger....

And before i know it.. i dont want to touch it incase i rewin it...

Saturday, 18 July 2009

my recent madness...

Apart from looking for work... attempting to re write a new cv and birthday craziness that has now calmed down.. ive continued to sneak in abit of me in there.
Spent alot of time with my best friend Eva(in the black jacket... oh and tasha in the carki). When nither of us are too busy one has been at the other's house or out and about on random wanderings or been at kareokee on wednesday nights after drama club.

Yes kareokee. Eva demands i gain alittle confidence by singing. surprisingly was given £21 for singing LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD by PAT BENATAR (a short version) for someone who was born at the end of the 80s i have a passion for alot of 80s music and style. NO I HAVN'T ANY VIDEO FOOTAGE. i refuse a camera to be near me when singing.

other than that... i like doodling wherever i am at the moment. leaving them behind not forgetting to sign and date them and on the bak leaving a note of where i was and that whoever finds it can keep it. Though ocasionaly remembering to take a photograph of it.

Oh yes mums JOINT PROJECT mum has been wanting to do alittle somthing together... but when we are together we are both too tired... so we are just doing our project seperatly but together.
Here's how far ive got so far.....

Monday, 6 July 2009

A sad week in the life if me..

I failed my college course, what was originally a 6 week trial turned into 5 long years. Yes I feel like I am a failure. Yes I am devastated. No, it isn’t going to stop me from working on my art and continuing it as a hobby. At least for a while, Just to see how I do.
Mum and I spent Friday and Saturday evening talking about the 5 years rummaging through a good bulk of 7 years of GCSE (school) and College Work and yes I had fun ripping and folding large pieces of unwanted rubbish into the bin, Mum picked a few for me to work on and finish off just for her collection. In a whole. What started from 1 A1 folder, 2 A2 folders and a large box that has been kept flat’s worth I now only have the A1 folder and 1/3 of the box full. Next time I am at mum’s I will bring my small A3 folder and the last A2 folder (which is only half full) and sort them out. I also need to sort through my ceramics and my pretty boxes. I only want to keep my best ones.
Other than that, in less than a week I will be the BIG 21. And of course, I am wanted from all angles to celebrate... me being the oldest out of my close friends, they want me to go out for a few to the point that I do not remember it. No idea what dad wants. And mum...????? she is working and we are still trying to find the best way round her shifts and other manic plans.... What i might do is wait till Sunday afternoon (my birthday) when I have sobered up a little and spend a couple of days at mums during the week instead of the weeknd.
Well I have no pictures to show you just yet, you might just have to wait till I manage to get hold of my card reader for my camera. That and have my Adobe Photoshop put back on my computer.
Good night all.