Sunday, 29 November 2009

recent drunken madness

Yes... when im not working in a pub im at another pub usualy whilst my boyfriend works behind the bar (known sometimes to be time together due to him having 2 jobs "work a holic"). between costomers and bits and bobs behind and around the bar he pears over to see what little me is upto. So does the land lady And the locals. my latest creation i have managed to save from drunks that like collecting the insight of my sanity. (a few have been pinched even before i have finnished them) each one takes about 3 hours on average to do. well.. need an outlet.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

whilst MY boyfriend was away

Yes My boyfriend of 4 weeks...and last week he was away being his big brother's best man in MiltonKeynes in england..

The girls and i had decided to have an early HALLOWEEN. only becasue the girls were off to Burnley for a performance and I was working all weekend...

I dont think we look too bad..... we would certianly pass for the next casting for Hokus Pokus. either that or something from a tim Burton Film.... *chuckles*

other than that... what can i say... I havn't got my camera with me at t moment so cant take pictures of my lates madness..

That includes my bedroom which is presently half packed to move....

*note to self get more boxes*

in a couple of weeks Little miss Kaiy will no longer be living with her Mum or Dad... a good portion of my kit will be at my new place before mum gets back home from Kiwi land (newzealand) and then will let her settle into married life before i go bombarding in demending for my wardrobe and draws worth of clothes and my boxes from there..

anways ...

Points of the day

*Richard is at work till about 2(lunchtime)
*I get the morning to myself
*time with richard
*half packed
*good luck t mum and batolly in kiwiland... miss you....