Tuesday, 6 April 2010

busy bee

I know, Ive been working overtime bigstyle with the boss having time off and only 2 of us able to fill in both our hours aswell as the boss's. We have been run off our feet. that aswell as the rush of having to pack to move again.

Yes AGAIN... The thought is spinning in my head. Luckily Boop Richard is letting me move in with him whilst we look for a bigger space. I don't really want to move back in with family, I fear i will lose my indipendance.

The chaos known as my place i live in is even more chaos than organisation.. trying to part with things so i can fit into richard's home. Proving difficult...

Hopefully we have a flat viewing tomorrow or thursday. A 1 bedroom place Town center around the corner from both of our work places. Still on bus routs to see family too (can't forget that bit). anyways... i should really pack just that little bit more before i go to bed. I have to the 25th but knowing me, if i Dont get started now I won't get anywhere.


Boop for letting me move in with him whilst we look for bigger places.
Local paper adverts.
Slightly bigger pay packets and a few more hours at work to keep my mind off things...