Tuesday, 31 August 2010

tap on the wrist and telling me there's no need for it.

Its been mad here. Im in a flat with my partner, a few misshaps since i last typed.
We have found damp. We've argued.. Kissed and made up... waiting to move. not having fun trying to get rid of as much damp in the flat as possible (attempting a night off)... The fun part is. Richard and i went to visit Mum, Tony and Nana. Along with them was a cheeky little Lala (lauren) (check mum's latest blog for photographic evidence) ive dyed my hair what was supposed to be blue, It went too dark. didn't even leave my hair in the dye for near as long as it should have. its black.. (laughs) looks ok I guess.

Other than that.. IVE BEEN PROMOTED AT WORK. I am now supervisor. and have managers keys to the tills and having fun training for managment.

Im sorry i Havnt any photographs uploaded to show you the damp or the fun my partner and myself have had these last couple of months... im sure i'll get round to it soon.