Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just like my mum I GOT SNOW

"ITS SNOWING" it's 7 am on tuesday the 5th of january (new stepdads birthday). the person to text me at such an ungodly hour was my bouyfriend, Richard who was an hour away from finnishing his Nightshift.
Managing to just about wake myself up and gather enough determination to get from under the nice warm covers of my bed and look out the window through my curtians to see 2 grown men (still dark) rolling up two huge snow balls.... "big kids" i think to myself.... but then texted back to Richard. "wanna go out an play when you finnish work?"..... I managed to be up dressed and Lively for around 7:45.

Pretty enough?? a not so frozen pond.. well was pretty till Richard decided to see if it was frozen.

Richard showing me how much snow was clinging to his gloves.

Richard's snow man

My turn the snow buggayne (bogyman)

Hands in the snow... Richard's hands are roughly the same as any average man's hannds.... Mine in compareson... the size of a 6 year olds.