Thursday, 11 June 2009

MUM.. can i go say hello to Cinderella???

Its happened again... i knew i wouldn't get out of not wearing the Carlotta dress again... Oh well at least the kids were happy to see a princess in an Edwardian dress on the street... so far roughly The Manx National Youth Theatre has managed to raise around £1600 within about a week usualy around three or four buskers on race week (hardly anyone in town because they are watching BIKES) on the isle of man.

Thursday (today) was a non race day, busy time in town and the Theatre had Upto around 6 fully dressed buskers a kareokee machiene and The "gaffa" (team leader) on her duty telling us standing and looking gorgeous is her job... It is.. oh well.. we have fun.. (will continue to take pictures...)....enjoy the pictures.

Ok who has my bum?? who is behind me? aggghh LEONIE i can't breath.. I dont remember the bushy's sticker.

"ooo look at the pretty princess" the mothers kneel down to give their own little princesses a few pennies to put in my bucket and get to shake my hand and say hello... cute.. i think..

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

old work

I have found a few bits and bobs form last year. Thought you might like to see them.

This is a full exposure of Wonderful land by Mike Oldfield. one of the best pieces i have made through my synaesthesia.

a full exposure of Overburdened by Disturbed a metal band... yes pretty

a full exposure of Ruska by Apocalyptica (4 cellos)

this is about 5 seconds exposure of the introduction of I : Scintilla's song Taken
Its an impact in both the music itself aswell as the imact in my synaesthesia.