Sunday, 16 August 2009


Please do... Here is a drawing of a tattoo design i have recently doodled....

as you see i am still working on the female body but i did sketch her from one of royo's pieces and manipulating the body to more realistic proportions (theres no way r my boobs as perfect as royos dream girls). at least i can sort of copyright my work now.

Sorry guys

Im sorry for any madness of not having any photos/ pictures recently. My Photo shop doesnt seem to want to let me copyright my owrk. it is making me angry because i have so much to show. i will have to somehow try to find another way to do this..... maybe Paint will let me.

Friday, 14 August 2009

job hunting...

Still nothing.... but some say, every 14 applications you usualy get 1 or 2 interviews... so maybe i will get one in the next week or 2 (ive recently applied for job 14/ 15). On the whole.. not much to say.. not much to report. i need to take pictures of my doodles again though to keep you up to date... maybe when i go back to mum's this evening i will get a good chance to.