Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A doodle a day keeps my sanity at bay....??

(Excuse this being chaotic... I’m a little rusty at writing briefs)
Maybe it is time to try and doodle a bit more and experiment a lot more..... So here I am on Google images yet again trying to pick out images that stand out to me that I feel appealing and know I might just find interesting. (It is rare for me to find something to show for my research).
So do I Doodle? Yes I do... most of my work is based on Henna and Celtic designs there is occasionally a hint of Mouri moko in there too... but that’s a rare note recently a lot of my work is floral. And very contemporary on the tribal side mingled into a strange look... very floral but not, if you know what I am trying to say. Some people detect sea animals (octopus last time) and elements of femininity as well as a few people turning round and demanding a tattoo based on these scribbles, aka, mind wanderings whilst nothing better is happening.

Right.... so we have floral, we have Tribal ... what else....
Colour.... I am usually a monochrome doodler but have been known to venture into my watercolours even more so when I have had a few to drink..... or into my pencil tin. I have a tin overflowing with wax crayons as well as watercolour pencils and crayola. (sometimes the kiddie stuff is just as good as the adult stuff).
What materials to work on? Anything. Well paper and card mostly whatever ends up in the book. From wrapping paper to wall paper, lined paper to envelopes. Anything.
Result Hypothesis. My sanity on paper.. the changing moods and thoughts of my world... the highs and lows of love life work life home life....
Some days I have trouble finding inspiration. Infact recently, since i moved into my new flat with my Partner, I am having trouble picking up a pen some days.

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