Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A spark of inspiration

I had a short nap at Boop Richards after work today... He is on the dreaded nightshifts still... and so my body clock is as mad as his at the moment. Mostly just wanting to be together. Best time to be together is when asleep. I do miss him alot when he is on the nightshift.

Thinking of old Art projects. well doesnt help when dreams of painting. Especialy big pieces.

Yes, back to the painting.... Koi carp are back in a personal style.... and as always Working small will be on the list of things to do. (I work better smalllllllll)....

soon as i got home i got engrosed in my water colours and small bits of paper... painting in bits.....

The first fish was brought together within about a half hour at a guess... by this time it must have been around 11 pm.... I didnt look at the clock again till the last photo was taken....

Second fish under way.... bringing in the colour alittle stronger in the oranges.

And where i am so far.... Fish number Three.... by the time this picture was taken it weas nearly 2 45... still not feeling tired.... (see what i mean by body clock is all over the place..?)

Should i add any more???
Should i do a surface with dragon flies and lotus flower???


My boop letting me have a kip at his.

Land lady's little boy in bed way way before i get home

Watercolour Paint and a lovly collection of sized paintbrushes

Land lady putting Planet rock radio on the tv

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